Hard To Find Atrium Door Hardware

posted by dreeder 12:22 AM
Wednesday, August 19, 2009

2insingledeadbolt1During the 1980’s, styles called for wooden patio doors with a maximized view. This was accomplished by using larger glass panels in the door; but, more glass meant reduced space in the wood frame for lock mounting. A company called Atrium came up with a solution that address that concern. The locksets were manufactured with a 2” backset. The name Atrium Door evolved from this company, and is still used to refer to those type of doors today. Newer Atrium doors used a mortise lock with the deadbolt and lever set in one mechanism. Atrium was eventually purchased by Amerock who continued to manufacture the National type locksets with a 2” backset. A few years ago Amerock discontinued the lock portion of their business. This left the Atrium Door Hardware very hard to find. 2” Backset Door Hardware can still be found with a little diligent searching. Horseshoe-Hardware has access to this type of hardware in many finishes. Atrium style mortise sets can be located by contacting their customer service.

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