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Handcrafted Woodworks Require Attention to Detail And Patience

posted by dreeder 4:14 PM
Sunday, September 15, 2013

SSVikingGreat woodworking is a labor of love and dedication. Scroll saw wood designs are plentiful, but unless one has the time, patience, and dedication, they remain a design on paper. Artists spend many hours creating a work of art, in hopes that it may bring joy and admiration to its viewers. Just as great paintings are admired and sought after, a great piece of woodworking adds an appeal of similar appreciation. For those not skilled in the art, or those who appreciate the work involved, but simply don’t have the time to devote to craft a project of their own, purchasing a piece is a great option. Creating Hand Crafted Scroll-Saw Artwork requires stopping the saw, and exchanging the blade for every internal cut. Some pieces require thousands of individual cuts to bring the image to life. Adding a piece of handcrafted woodwork to your decor will garner attention and appreciation. These pieces are also great for giving, since each piece is uniquely individual. Consider adding some of these to your collection.

Ceramic Address Plaques Add Character

posted by dreeder 11:22 AM
Monday, August 5, 2013

Oval Ceramic Address PlaqueCeramic art has been a favorite craft for people of all cultures. During the early 20th century it was a very popular hobby; and, crafters of all ages used it as a form of expression and creativity. With the advent of the Digital age, the abundance of many expressive computerized applications has diverted much of the interest in ceramic crafting, which once was so popular. Ceramic shops are now few and far between. People still have an appreciation for the art, and collectors and flea markets do their part in making the products available to the discerning public.
There is some thing about a Ceramic Address Plaque that adds a bit of nostalgic character to a home entryway. Too many plastic and resin imitations have taken the place of the genuine fired ceramic creations of days past. A beautiful theme related, and personalized ceramic plaque might be just the thing to add a special touch of character to your home or surroundings.

Illuminate Your Western Decor

posted by dreeder 1:17 AM
Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Western Table Lamp

Hand-Crafted Western Table Lamp

When decorating with a Western motif, one article not to be overlooked is accent lighting. A beautiful Western Lamp will compliment the rustic decorating theme. Hand-Crafted Western Table Lamps provide an eye-catching solution, with rustic individuality not found in typical production lighting. Shades, hand-laced with genuine suede leather, add a personal touch of individuality, characteristic of the Western code.

Sea Creature Figurines Make Interesting Decor

posted by dreeder 10:01 AM
Sunday, April 7, 2013

The fascination with the Sea and it’s millions of inhabitants has stirred the imagination for centuries. Something about the unknown sparks curiosity and ignites a hunger for exploration. Nautical decor is extremely popular all over the world. Many items of popular home decor are modeled after the numerous interesting creatures that make the oceans their home. Items relating to the Sea and it’s mysteries create universal recognition. A decorative Ceramic Bisque Octopus would be an excellent example.

Ceramic Octopus

Sea Life Octopus Figurine

Call The Crew To Dinner

posted by dreeder 4:34 PM
Sunday, March 4, 2012

True to Western Custom, one item is familiar to western themes, wagon trains, and ranches of the Old West. That item is the Dinner Bellldinerbell. Blacksmiths and Farriers of the past fabricated these hand-forged, triangular attention-getters in their shops, along with shoeing horses, and fixing wagons. True to western custom, these are still being crafted by skilled blacksmiths. These are great for farms, ranches, cabins, or anyplace where it’s time to call the hands in for lunch or dinner. These are available in different sizes and diameters. Larger Dinner Bells are naturally louder & will draw more attention. These are also great just as a decor item. Consider adding a vintage style, handcrafted Dinner Bell to fit your application.

Bellows Assist A Wood Burning Fireplace

posted by dreeder 11:28 AM
Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Handcrafted Wood and Leather Fireplace Bellows

Handcrafted Wood and Leather Fireplace Bellows

Over the centuries, as metalurgy skills progressed, the heat of the forge was intensified by the use of bellows. Fire requires oxygen and air in order to burn. A Vintage Style Bellow is a perfect fireplace accessory for use today. The added air flow, directed at the kindling or burning coals, stokes the flame for a hotter and quicker burn. Bellows come in a variety of styles, materials, and finishes. There are models suitable for any decor. These provide a great decor accent, and make a functional tool for any wood burning fireplace.

Feeling A Little Flushed?

posted by dreeder 7:38 PM
Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Royal Flush Toilet Handle

Royal Flush Toilet Handle

A little humor can go a long way in relieving daily tensions. A Decorative Toilet Handle can spruce up an ordinary bathroom fixture and set the theme for a unique bath experience. Whether your passion is for things nautical, wild, country, or just a bit naughty, a decorative theme toilet handle is sure to please.

Life’s Reflections Captured In Etched Mirrors

posted by dreeder 7:22 PM
Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Beginner's Luck Etched Dog Mirror

Beginner's Luck Etched Dog Mirror

An Etched Mirror can capture a reflection of life’s most precious moments. Varying themes provide solace and touch the heart with an enduring propensity to ponder life and nature’s beauty. Whether you love dogs, cats, wildlife, or nature in general, an etched mirror can add depth and dimension to any room or environment.

The Appeal Of Rustic Western Decor

posted by dreeder 8:40 AM
Sunday, May 16, 2010

Horseshoe Wall Hook

Horseshoe Wall Hook

Before the turn of the 20th Century in the days referred to as the “Old West”, money was hard to come by. People used common items for everyday use. The horse was an essential part of everyday life. Horseshoes were fashioned by local blacksmiths and farriers. Once worn out, they became useful objects to fashion Horseshoe Wall Hooks and other home decor. A bit of nostalgia still exists for the days when hard work and craftsmanship was a staple for creating goods of pride and value. A touch of the “Old West” is still available and popular today with useful, handcrafted horseshoe creations.

Western Weddings On The Horizon

posted by dreeder 6:52 PM
Monday, March 29, 2010

Western Horseshoe Key Ring

Western Horseshoe Key Ring

Spring and early Summer months make the ideal time for a Western Style wedding. The weather is warming, flowers are beginning to bloom, and Spring Fever is starting to take hold. Successful wedding planning most always includes a memorable wedding favor that guests will appreciate. A Western Key Ring might be an idea that would be in keeping with a western theme, and provide a useful gift your guests will use and appreciate for years to come.