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Western Theme Bathware Is Eyecatching

posted by dreeder 2:59 PM
Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Horse Towel Ring

Horse Head Towel Ring

Fascination for the Old West, and of Western Theme intrigue, has inspired a popular decorating trend. Rustic hardware and Wildlife themes have made their way into many decor settings. From Ranches and Cabins to high end New York Apartments, Western Theme Bath Hardware is captivating the imagination and reuniting the spirit with earlier times. Equestrian fans, Rodeo fans, and most anyone can appreciate the beauty of one of the most popular animals. Horse Theme Bath Accessories can add personalized instant appeal.

Thought Provoking Sea Creatures Accessorize Decor

posted by dreeder 12:08 PM
Monday, September 23, 2013

Starfish Drawer Pull

Starfish Cabinet Knob

Throughout the ages, the Sea has captivated the imagination with its myriad of interesting and unusual creatures. In some respects, it is almost alien in its diversity and contrast to what we are used to as land dwellers. We hold a reverence and respect for the oceans, which comprise 3/4 of the earth’s surface. A Starfish Cabinet Knob is one example of a means to connect to this fascinating body of water encapsulating our planet. Sea life decor is popular, not only in coastal areas, but anywhere a nautical motif is desired. Pursue a maritime adventure in your surroundings, by adding some thought provoking Sea Creature Cabinet Hardware to your decor.

Ceramic Address Plaques Add Character

posted by dreeder 11:22 AM
Monday, August 5, 2013

Oval Ceramic Address PlaqueCeramic art has been a favorite craft for people of all cultures. During the early 20th century it was a very popular hobby; and, crafters of all ages used it as a form of expression and creativity. With the advent of the Digital age, the abundance of many expressive computerized applications has diverted much of the interest in ceramic crafting, which once was so popular. Ceramic shops are now few and far between. People still have an appreciation for the art, and collectors and flea markets do their part in making the products available to the discerning public.
There is some thing about a Ceramic Address Plaque that adds a bit of nostalgic character to a home entryway. Too many plastic and resin imitations have taken the place of the genuine fired ceramic creations of days past. A beautiful theme related, and personalized ceramic plaque might be just the thing to add a special touch of character to your home or surroundings.

Limited Bathroom Space Requires Innovative Solutions

posted by dreeder 7:14 PM
Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sheffield Corner Toilet

White China Sheffield Corner Toilet

Adding a bathroom in a limited space requires some planning. A toilet is a necessity, but it can be space consuming. A Corner Toilet may be a perfect solution. A special corner shaped tank fits snuggly, and allows the toilet to set comfortably in normally unused space. This also can allow added space for sinks and showers. Most use a standard 12″ center rough-in for the drain. When measuring, be sure to allow for the sheet rock on the finished wall. Corner Toilets come in Round bowl and Elongated bowl sizes. Keep in mind that an elongated version will protrude a few inches more. Men find the elongated models a bit more comfortable at times for obvious reasons, but if space is the main consideration, go with the round bowl. When shopping for a toilet, make the Corner Toilet a consideration.

Sea Creature Figurines Make Interesting Decor

posted by dreeder 10:01 AM
Sunday, April 7, 2013

The fascination with the Sea and it’s millions of inhabitants has stirred the imagination for centuries. Something about the unknown sparks curiosity and ignites a hunger for exploration. Nautical decor is extremely popular all over the world. Many items of popular home decor are modeled after the numerous interesting creatures that make the oceans their home. Items relating to the Sea and it’s mysteries create universal recognition. A decorative Ceramic Bisque Octopus would be an excellent example.

Ceramic Octopus

Sea Life Octopus Figurine

Door Knockers Provide Functional Character

posted by dreeder 9:45 PM
Saturday, November 10, 2012
Solid Brass Suffolk Door Knocker

Solid Brass Door Knocker

A residential entryway can welcome guests with character and personality. Doorknockers can convey a range of sentiments from classic elegance, to the rustic ambiance of a Western ranch. These functional door accoutrements add a touch of character, and purvey underpinnings that address the persona of the occupants.

Transom Window Latches Add Versatility

posted by dreeder 11:30 AM
Saturday, January 7, 2012

As a mainstay of architectural history, the transom window gained its most popularity in the Elizabethan and Georgian styles of the early 20th Century. The term Transom Window is used to describe windows that both open for cross ventilation above a door, or are just used for allowing light to enter above the room door. Newer transom windows typically do not open and are meant for decorative purposes. Period homes using the style which allows opening of these windows, use a Ring Pull Transom Latch

Ring Pull Transom Window Latch

Ring Pull Transom Window Latch

. These can be opened finger style or with a hooked pole, allowing easier access without a step stool or ladder.

Solid Brass Sash Lifts Enhance Vintage Windows

posted by dreeder 11:18 PM
Monday, June 27, 2011
Solid Brass Window Sash Lift

Solid Brass Window Sash Lift

Vertical sliding casement windows can be difficult to raise without a finger managed sash lift. Before the stamped, hardware store varieties, now commonly found in most chain stores, craftsman painstakingly cast these in Solid Brass. They were much heavier, and more sturdy, than the stamped metal versions common today. These beautiful, sculpted Solid Brass Sash Lifts are still made today in England. Using techniques passed down from generations, these are available to add period charm to any vertical sliding window.

Security Protection For Vintage Style Windows

posted by dreeder 11:44 PM
Tuesday, June 21, 2011


10692Many Period Style homes utilize casement windows. A popular sash lock used in the early 20th Century was a locking mechanism called a Brighton Sash Lock. These spring loaded, twist style locks trace back to England, where they were cast from Solid Brass, and imported to the United States. These elegant sash locks add character and charm to any casement style window. Security is another added benefit. These sturdy locks may prevent intruders from opening windows undetected. These days, security is a must. These can be a valuable addition to any home, vintage or modern.

Alphabet Cabinet Knobs Add A Personal Touch

posted by dreeder 9:10 PM
Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Personalize With Alphabet Cabinet Knobs

Personalize With Alphabet Cabinet Knobs

Todays cabinet hardware provides a wide array of choices. Over the centuries, man has made his mark on tools, art, creations, dwellings, and any number of other items and projects. From ancient cave dwellings to modern office spaces, man has used monograms as a form of expression. Alphabet monogrammed cabinet hardware provides an excellent medium for creative expression. Antique Brass and Pewter are popular finish choices.