Original Ideas for Outdoor Fun

posted by Westerner 3:02 PM
Monday, April 6, 2009


Who isn’t tired of the same old outdoor games like croquet, badminton, and soccer?  These games can be fun, but now and then it’s nice for a change.  There are a lot of fun outdoor games that are a bit less common in the United States.  You might consider a few rounds of bocce ball, which is a bit like lawn bowling, but a little different.  You can find a bocce ball set at most retailers of sporting goods; and people ranging from seniors to children can partake and enjoy the game.  Pickleball is another fun game that is playable on a standard tennis court, but requires a skill set much different from tennis.  You might also consider a game of horseshoes.  This classic game is still popular today, and contributes to any outdoor  picnic or outing. Provides lots of fun whether you’re fifteen or fifty. 

There are many more unique games in the world, and half the fun of outdoor games is discovering new ones that are just as much fun as those you know and love.  Be sure to try a lot of different outdoor games, you just might find that you have a natural knack for a game you never would have known!

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