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Welcome Signs Offer Solace

posted by dreeder 7:11 PM
Thursday, December 31, 2009

Welcome To A New Decade

Welcome To A New Decade

As we near the beginning of a new decade, we wish to thank those who have made the previous year memorable, and offer consolation and hope for those not as fortunate. A nostalgic Solid Brass Welcome Sign may bring a bit of solace and comfort to those seeking entry to your realm or enterprise. We welcome this new year and decade, with the hope for greater peace and understanding between peoples and nations. Best wishes and a Happy New Year to All. We wish a warm Welcome to all those who visit our little corner of the world wide web.

Paperweights Control Clutter & Make Great Gifts

posted by dreeder 12:15 AM
Monday, November 16, 2009

Cast Iron Jack Paperweight

Cast Iron Jack Paperweight

Remember those innocent childhood days before there were video games, VCRs, DVD’s, iPods, and even computers? A game of marbles, puzzles, or jacks provided fun and entertainment in simpler times. One thing that remains a problem today is the cluttered desk. Even with the digital age, we are still being overwhelmed with bills and paperwork. What better way to keep this in control than a Giant Cast Iron Jack Paperweight. Reminiscent of the childhood game, this makes an eye-catching and useful conversation piece. Maybe just the right touch to bring interest to your decor.

Night Lights Soothe The Psyche

posted by dreeder 12:17 PM
Monday, November 9, 2009

Frog Crystal Night Light

Frog Crystal Night Light

With the Holiday Season approaching, Night Lights can make a great gifts. Nite-Lites, as they are sometimes referred to, come in a vast variety of shapes, sizes, and themes. Gently casting an ambient glow, these beacons provide soothing assistance in alleviating a child’s night terrors; and provide a degree of safety for adults, when having to get out of bed at night. Austrian Crystal Night Lights are a beautiful, and decorative option. These are eye-catching in the daytime as well.

Seasonal Crafts Make Great Gifts

posted by dreeder 12:51 AM
Friday, October 30, 2009

Stamped Metal Pumpkin Image

Stamped Metal Pumpkin Image

Happy Halloween Everyone! Decorative Metal Stamped Images are attractive, and make great additions when creating your seasonal craft projects. These are available in many different themes. Cowboys, Pine Trees, Moose, Deer, Eagles, Fairies, and the Good Ole American Flag are just some of the choices available. A handcrafted gift can be a much more personal expression of appreciation for those we love and cherish. Express your creativity this season; you are limited only by your imagination.

Decorative Autumn Table Accents

posted by dreeder 12:17 AM
Friday, October 30, 2009

Maple Leaf Napkin Holder

Maple Leaf Napkin Holder

With Autumn in the air, the leaves are turning color, temperatures are crisp, and Fall is definitely making its mark. Thoughts are now turning toward the holidays. Halloween is just around the corner, and Thanksgiving is now less than a month away. Table decorations and seasonal decor choices are abundant. This Maple Leaf Napkin Holder is yet one example of a decorative, yet functional piece of decor, especially suited for the fall season.

Horseshoe Puzzles From The Old West

posted by dreeder 12:00 PM
Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Even though a Western Blacksmith’s work was never done, downtimes sometimes called for a little creative departure from the norm. Blacksmiths thought up creative uses for horseshoes that were a bit different than just shoeing horses. From designing coat racks to building household decor, one use was creating mind challenging Horseshoe Puzzles. From Double Horseshoe puzzles, the idea for a Triple Horseshoe was formulated. These are fun to play with, and create a great piece of coffee table trivia.

Double Horseshoe Puzzle

Double Horseshoe Puzzle

Western Bathroom Decor Adds The Finishing Touch

posted by dreeder 12:58 PM
Tuesday, July 21, 2009

No Western theme home is complete if the bathroom decor is overlooked. Cast iron horseshoes, stars, and western conchos can be crafted into beautiful pieces of nostalgic art, reminiscent of the Old West. The rustic beauty adds charm and charisma to any setting where Western Bathroom Decor is desired. Break away from the norm and add some western class to your bath.1252-4

Decorative Garden Sprinklers

posted by dreeder 12:10 AM
Friday, July 17, 2009

With the advent of warm weather season, why not adopt a decorative garden sprinkler to spruce up your lawn or garden. Decorative Sprinklers and Hose Bibs create interest, and are sure attention grabbers. Be it a cast brass snail, turtle, frog, or other adornment, these cute creatures will add a little bling to your yard and garden decoration.snail-insetlrg

A Thoughtful Housewarming Gift

posted by Westerner 4:14 PM
Thursday, June 25, 2009


If you know somebody that’s recently moved into a new home, it’s perfect timing, because summer is finally upon us. This means that by the time they are unpacked and ready to host a housewarming party, it’s sure to be sunny and clear weather. This is ideal for hosting an outdoor BBQ or potlatch style dinner.

If you’re looking for a fun and unique housewarming gift, consider buying them a horseshoe game set. Especially if they have children, this will be a fun and wholesome way for those kids to enjoy their summer vacation outside. And if the day does turn out to be sunny, the horseshoe game can be brought out immediately and used to entertain all the guests.

Don’t Get Bent Out of Shape over Damaged Horseshoe Stakes!

posted by Westerner 4:14 PM
Tuesday, June 9, 2009


After several years of playing horseshoes, it’s very likely that your stakes have seen better days. After all, they have to withstand a lot of dings and nicks as well as frequent relocations. All of these activities can leave the stakes looking a bit bent out of shape, literally!

But you don’t have to buy an entirely new horseshoe set just because your stakes are looking a little haggard. Rather, just look into replacement horseshoe stakes. This way, you only have to spend a little bit of money rather than shelling out for an entirely new set. It also cuts down on unnecessary waste, since your horseshoes are likely still in good working order.