Making Potty Training Fun

posted by Westerner 4:56 PM
Friday, May 22, 2009


For a parent of a toddler, there’s nothing more vital that getting your kid quickly and properly potty trained. Not only is it a milestone for your kid, but it also relieves a lot of burden on your part. That’s why parents spend so much time and money trying to learn how to effectively and quickly potty train their children. But the simple fact is that kids are going to learn when they’re ready and no sooner.

But you’re not completely at the whim of the child. You can help make the process less scary and more fun by installing some decorative toilet seats. These can be covered in drawings of everything from sea life to dinosaurs. Pick something that is a favorite of your child. This way, they’ll have something to be excited about when they’re learning how to use the bathroom. And if you eventually want to return you bathroom to the look of a solid tone toilet seat cover, you can merely switch it out with minimal fuss.

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